Teaching & Supervision

Students supervision

Martin Philippe (2019-2020) – MSc. student, École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay. Implementing functional traits in Lotka-Volterra models – a theoretical approach.

Sebastian Schneider (2017) – MSc. Student, ETH Zürich
Modeling Biodiversity in Switzerland with Machine Learning and Remote Sensing data. Co-sup: L. Pellissier

Hanneke Van’t Veen (2017) – MSc. Student, ETH Zürich
A landscape scale analysis of the relation between grassland productivity, diversity and trait composition in a drying climate. Co-sup: L. Pellissier

Solène Knipping (01/2015-06/2015) – MSc. student, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon.
How does productivity relates to functional and phylogenetic diversity over space? Co-sup: Wilfried Thuiller

Marc Ohlmann (01/2015-06/2015) – MSc. student, École Polytechnique.
Deciphering the role of multi-trophic occurrence networks and associated diversity on ecosystem functioning. Co-sup: Wilfried Thuiller

Alexandre Génin (09/2013-12/2013) – MSc. student, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon.
Phylogenetic diversity dynamics, patterns and uncertainties in permafrost data. Co-sup: Wilfried Thuiller



– Introduction to statistics and R (30 h) – BSc. to PhD level – University of Regensburg


– Evaluations of student research projects (4h) – MSc. level – University of Canterbury

2016 – 2017

– Biodiversity modelling (Lectures and practicals 20h) – MSc. level – ETH Zürich
– Essay in Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences (20 h) – MSc. level – ETH Zürich


– Biostatistics practicals “Multivariate analysis with R” for Master I, Grenoble  (96h)
– General Ecology practicals for L2, Grenoble (30h)
– Community ecology course, Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, M2. (12h) – Lecture and practicals on diversity indices and trait-environment relationships