Here you can find ready to use code material related to my work. I also have a poorly maintained Github account.

R-package Select: Determines Species Probabilities Based on Functional Traits (R)
Related paper: D. Laughlin, L. Chalmandrier et al. 2018 Early view
Description: Restoration ecologists aim to re-establish diverse, functioning communities. This R package produces a species assemblage (i.e., a species relative abundance distribution) based on a user-defined functional trait profile. The species abundances can converge on specific community-weighted mean trait values and this function can simultaneously maximize functional diversity.

Time lag community model (Matlab)
Related paper: Alexander, Chalmandrier et al. 2017 Global Change Biology

alpha, beta, gamma decomposition with parametrization of the dominance and similarity effect (R)
Related paper: Chalmandrier et al. 2015 Ecology
Main function and example of use.